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Thank you for being here; Right Now! This is the landing page for Cultivating Gratitude; an interactive booklet that helps you remember how powerful you are! The power of Gratitude is real and this packet is hear to help you reveal your own potential.

This is Valuable

We believe in the power of gratitude so much that we are giving it to you and only ask for a contribution under two conditions:
1. You have gained value from this experience.
2. You believe in what we are doing.

More Growth Strategies on the way!

Print it out! Fill it in! and Feel the Power of Positivity!


English Version
Cultivating Gratitude PDF

Spanish Version
Cultivo de la Gratitud PDF

Important Printing Instructions!*

Print using a double sided printer. Click double sided and flip on short edge.



cultivating gratitude

Meet the organization

Tanner Hardy

Creator of Cultivating Gratitude

I am a catalyst for positive change. Finding creative ways to help others remember how special this present moment we call life, is my passion. I graduated from The University of Greensboro at North Carolina in December and have formal training as a Life Design Catalyst through Bill Johnson. My vision for the future is to share more Catalylistic material to help those who seek to cultivate their own happiness through my process of self-reflection and self-projection.

Contact Me

Rowan Mulligan

Spanish Translator

Bill Johnson

Mentor and Life Design Coach

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Tanner, Thank you SO much for the Cultivating Gratitude booklet. I just completed an hour long meditation on my responses and it was full of emotions and revelations. All of which sparked healing in multiple areas. It came at such the perfect time in my journey as well – serendipity, divine intervention? Words can hardly express all I’m trying to say but I am so grateful for you and I believe in you. Thank you submitting to the call of service over your life because we need your wisdom.

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any Contribution helps

Thank you for believing in me, for trusting that I will use the contribution you have shared to create more positive experiences for this world. Thank you for sharing this material with loved ones.


-Tanner Hardy
Creator of The Cultivating Gratitude Experience

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